Friday, 3 December 2010


A quick update, I have not been very active recently for various reasons.  The foremost is because the bulb in my light blew, and I am waiting a replacement to arrive; so no painting.  My current painting project is Mannfred Von Carstien, the older version.  This guy:

I have really liked this model for quite a while, and I brought him ages ago.  Why am I painting him?  Well, each Christmas over at I run a Secret Santa event; each member gives me their address and they are then given another member to paint for (without knowing the identity of their 'receiver').  This year, I have decided to go for Mannfred.

I was curious as to the colour scheme to go with, but after seeing the official miniature I am liking the scheme.  I always wanted to include purple and red into the scheme, I just wasn't sure how to go about it.  Now at least I have an idea on how to paint him.  Once my light has arrived, then I will get a photo up.

Otherwise, I managed to get two games in the last month (I work alternating shifts; 6-2 then 2-10 and repeat.  Meaning I can only game on the early shifts).  One was against Chaos Space Marines, the second was against Tau.  The Chaos game was almost a repeat of our previous game, objectives - table quarters.  The game wasn't too bad, I managed to take out his two vindicators before they did much damage.  A bad WAAGH roll left my Nobz short of assault on some Berzerkers which ended up costing me a squad of boyz sat on an objective.  Other notable actions was some terminators (three) teleporting in, my lootas failing to blast them off the board at short range before them munching up a slugga squad in combat.  The game ended in a Chaos win as he controlled one and in the final turn got close enough to another objective to stop me from grabbing a draw.

The Tau game was fun, but not that good for the Boyz.  Kill points, Dawn of War.  The bad started with one of my slugga squads assaulting some Kroot, then getting battered in it.  Next time, I will be shooting them.  They also later munched the second slugga squad before being broken from shooting.  My nobz I made a big mistake with, I sent them to the far side of the table to combat some Broadsides rather than to the right side where they would have been more useful.  Another bad point was where 20 boyz failed to beat 3 stealth suits in combat. Not a good show for the orks.  The warboss however did show them how it was done, destroyed a hammerhead with the first strike, followed by wiping out all three Broadsides on his own.  Not terrible.  I won on Kill Points 7-4.

I have decided that I cannot justify buying any more miniatures for a while, however by a stroke of luck I remembered that I have some old Blood Angels at the parent's still; including a Land Raider (Godhammer), Predator (Las + Bolters) and at least one rhino.  I am going to see if I can salvage anything for repatriation into my Space Wolves, saving me money.  I am also going to go back over old projects; I have a Mordheim warband to complete; plenty of dwarfs to paint, orcs and goblin test minis to do; as well as repainting and adding markings/fixing plenty of my Orks.


  1. My wife keeps trying to make me reach the same conclusion you found yourself in. I hate the idea of no new toys...
    Aside from that sadness, what warband are you going to be painting up?

  2. hehe, luckily my girl friend doesn't mind. As long as I don't take over the entire flat.

    I have a old Possessed Warband I have half painted from quite a while ago. I would like to get them painted up and based. I also have a dwarf warband available to be to get painted up.


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