Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman. Part III - Warriors

So, I have finished my warrior unit.  I actually had these done last weekend but a change of shift at work (had to work 6-2, then this coming week back on to 2-10 and then back to... etc) meant that I was lazy.  I am not happy with the banner, but I'll discuss that after the pictures.  Here:

Right then.  What don't I like?  The banner.  I just couldn't get the axe right and so to me it looks quite childish and flat.  So, I have been reluctant to show that.  Now I don't care that much and instead am just concentrating on the next set of tasks to do.  I am aware the pictures aren't that good, they were taken quickly but there isn't much to see.  I was quite happy with the unit until the banner icon went on.  The champion - to the left of the banner - has a bronze helmet and horns.  Something I am planning on keeping for the army; champions have bronze and an helmet adornment of some form.  The musician is OK, it actually turned out quite good.

For the top of the banner I went for the aged book look - again it is almost impossible to see - and it turned out OK.  I think I have a new method for my metallics, need to try it again, if so it works well and looks good.  It is basically Vallejo smoke ink and badab black wash.  It seemed to look better than just plain black to me.

My next project is the cannon.  I intend to add it to some form of base, being as now I don't have to worry about minimising the number of attackers.  I need to check the sizes and such to see what it would look good on, and what would fit it all.  I also am going to pick up some more old dwarf shields.  For £20 I should get enough to do about 4x20 dwarfs.  I have realised that I am not doing much converting - mainly because dwarfs don't lend themselves well to it - and might have to try a bit more on some of the stuff.  I have upped the number of units I am doing in this "batch" to include an organ gun and a thane.  I am trying to start going through my armies in this manner.  Painting some stuff and then move on to the next.  Will see how it goes.

One thing I have noticed is that I am rushing.  When painting my warriors I didn't care about some bits or pieces.  I feel this is to "please" folks online.  This is not suiting me though.  So, now I am going to work at my speed and hopefully pull out some better looking dwarf minis in the future.


  1. Kuffeh,

    Man you are way too hard on yourself, those minis look great as does the banner. Definitely go at your own pace though, they are your minis take the time to make them look how you want them.


  2. Thanks dude. I hope to go at a better pace and put more effort into things now. =)

  3. I really like the dwarves Kuffeh! I think when looking at the banner that the only thing I would change is the wood grain on the axe hilt. Its almost too much detail compared to the other elements and seems out of place. Apart from that I love the looks of the unit, very cohesive and great color scheme!


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