Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dwarf Warriors, WIP redux

So, midterms are now done and dusted, and I have been given some time to get a little bit of painting done.  They were pretty much done last week to be fair, I just added some more to them.  Almost finished now, just to finish off the banner, shields and base them.  I'm quite happy.

The banner.  Now, before anyone suggests it, I won't be doing NMM on the axes.  Mainly because I don't like the style and I am not happy with my blending skills as of yet.  So I'd rather practice on something I can strip easily or not care if I mess it up etc.  I am quite happy with the design of the banner.  The axe heads are not that good - different sizes and I just couldn't get them to look right.  Ah well.  I still have the axe shafts to finish, going to attempt another go at wood grain.  Oh and the runes at the bottom are for the clan and it is: Silveraxe Clan.  :)

Oh and my unit's champion is the one in the first photo on the right hand side.  I am not happy on him.  He doesn't stand out that well - I changed his weapon (hard to see from here) and his helmet is entirely bronze.  I am not that big a fan on it at the moment.  I need a better way of making his hand out without using the horns or wings.

Musician and Veteran

 Rank and file

Standard Bearer


  1. I get to be the first to tell you that standard is straight epic! love it! Only thing I want from you blog is more updates mang

  2. hehe, thanks a lot. I thought I need to practice more freehand, so this guy is the start. I hope to have freehanded banners on every unit.

    I'll try, but uni stops me from painting as much as I like. =(

  3. That is Standard is simply outstanding. Looks fantastic the fact that its free hand makes it even more impressive especially the outlining around the runes.

    Btw where did you get your blog template its nice.

  4. John - Thanks. I'm trying to get better at freehand, so I can do truly amazing stuff. =D The runes needed outlining really, otherwise they didn't stand out that well.

    I found it on a blog site. I was hunting for a new one and this one caught my eye.


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