Monday, 25 August 2014

[Dwarfs] Metal Ironbreakers, second rank.

Back again!  And more beards!

A cheeky Bank Holiday off, decided to get those five Ironbreakers sat on my desk sorted.  Start to finish, took me from 2pm to about 11pm (including breaks, food and a few distractions).  I have the blue trim to do on the bottom, which I'll do with the shields so its all together, and a few minor details on the minis.

The pictures are really bad as I rushed to get some done before I went to bed.  There are highlights and shading.  Honest!  I'll get better pictures tomorrow, hopefully.

Will be planning a 1500pt army to add to my existing one.  Might not be fully legal, as I have most of my core stuff already, but going through what I have before expanding into more and having to buy stuff.  More to follow!


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