Saturday, 2 February 2013

The first of the Pack

For those who read my previous post, a good month ago, will know that my lamp broke.  And now, it is fixed!  Well, actually I got a new one, an even better one.  I received it on Wednesday, and ever since been plugging away at a wolf.  A Space Wolf.

A while ago I decided that I needed another 40k army, this time something with armour.  And, being a lover of Anglo-Saxon and Viking history, I felt nothing sounded better than - VIKINGS IN SPACE.  Aka, the Space Wolves.  I have had a couple of boxes of stuff sat here since they came out, and just before the lamp went I converted (only very slightly) and prepared my first squad of Grey Hunters.

I love the Wolf fluff, and feel to the army (although I'm not a fan of the idea of marines riding giant wolves).  But I am not a fan of the colour scheme.  For a chapter famed for its berserker nature, I found the scheme GW gave them to be unsuitable.  I don't understand the light blue armour, it just doesn't feel right with the background of the army.  So, I decided to make mine less blue and more grey.  I didn't want the old Pre-heresy scheme, but when it came down to it, I think I might have just gotten that anyway. I think he needs perhaps a little more blue into his armour - but overall I am really happy with him.

As you can see, he is quite grey, although these pictures might not be the best and the lighting may have let it down a little. :S  The shoulder pad you can see here, is empty as I'm yet to decide what Great Company I want to run.  I plan to stay clear of the usual - Ragnar and Grimnar - ones, but I don't know which I like the best yet.

You'll also see my attempt at battle damage.  I think it looks OK, but needs work.  I'm not entirely happy with its placement or look.  I need to find a decent guide, and practice at this.

The other pad has a squad marking on it.  This is dags, these turned out to be really hard as they had to be long and awkward to paint.  I think it turned out fine in the end, if a little odd at the lengths.

I have also found a really nice way of highlighting red, a nice colour that is GW's Pallid Wych Flesh.  It isn't as stark as white but instead gives it a nice little pink tone.

This will be on the whole pack, and other packs will just be variants - either different colours or patterns.  It's a good way for the Wolves to be different, rather than the usual arrow or icon, it's just a pattern.  And it'll be easier for me to spot who belongs in what squad.

It is a little hard to see, but on the picture below the pelt over his groin took a while to do.  I wanted to do a sort of sandy wolf pelt, and overall I think it turned out OK but next time I might try and blend the colour more towards the centre.

You can also see the base, it is simple at the moment and I'm hoping to add something to it later.  At the moment, the only static grass I have is a strong green one - doesn't really work in a desert situation.  I might even start adding little bits and pieces to them - probably ork stuff as I have an abundance of that stuff lying about.

This will be odd, but I think that aside from the actual armour I spent the most of my time on the backpack.  The little extra detail made it fun to paint.  I spent a lot of time highlighting up the grenades and the blade sheaths.

Once again, I fell back on my favourite colour - turquoise as a spot colour. The ribbon and the icon here and on his forehead just work really well.

The bone also took a good while to sort out, so overall as a test model this guy took longer than I expected but I like the quality of him.  I have a full squad of ten waiting - and another squad or two that I can make.  Along with some terminators and characters.

I think my aim for this year is to slowly work through my unpainted pile. I still have a bunch of dwarfs to paint and some ideas for them, and finally might get that Orc and Goblin army off the floor and start on a new Ork army.  So, hopefully it'll be a busy year of painting.  And who knows, I might even get some games in and start winning. ;)

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