Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman - Great Weapon Warriors

Another complete unit for the marching Dwarfs.  And my third warrior one to boot.  Oh, and there are some current army pictures in there also...

I finally got some pictures taken of the finished unit and the army as of today.

First up, the unit filler.  I think it turned out quite well, the greenstuff isn't that terrible with paint on it. 

And I won't do a rank by rank picture because they have been seen before, but I am quite happy with the front rank and the banner.  I went a different route with the banner this time.  On the previous two units you'll see that I went for a more realistic looking axe.  This time I decided to do a stylised axe.  The axe icon will appear on ever warrior unit, just done in different fashions.

And because it has been demanded by several people, a couple of army shots.

So, there.  I have changed my mind about the next choice for the dwarfs, it will not be the BSB.  Instead, I have decided to do the 'stone thrower'.  I am thinking of making it into a mortar rather than a stone thrower as I REALLY dislike the current GW model.  It makes no sense and doesn't look all that good. 

However, for a bit of a break from my dwarfs I am going to paint up a mini and if I do a decent enough job on it I will put it up for sale on ebay. 


  1. great looking army you have going on, the world can never have enough Dwarf armies
    Peace James

  2. That's a really nice looking army you've got there. I particularly like the way the basing ties them all together.

  3. The freehand on that banner is a lot better than the previous one alright Kuffy.

    A great looking dwarf army, can't wait to see what you paint up next. I love surprises me!

  4. James - That is very true. Never too many. -__^

    Bovine Overlord - Thanks a lot.

    Vinny - I do like this one better than the last. The first banner (crossed axes) came out well also, but this one is simple and effective.

    Me too!! =P

  5. Looks great man, nice job. :)


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