Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dwarf Cannon

It has been a while, I know.  I have been working, painting and playing on Final Fantasy XIII. 

I have almost finished my cannon, the minis are painted they just need basing.  I have ordered a Screaming Bell base, I think it is too big but I will see when it arrives.  I have also ordered more shields. 

For the crew I tried out some brighter highlights, it worked quite well though they don't show up amazingly in the pictures as they were taken quickly.  I still need to work on my metallics, the cannon does not look that good.  Here are some pictures, once I get the base sorted I will add more and better ones.


  1. I love the telescope! The only thing i would change on the metalics is adding a bit more wear and tear, while brightening the shell casings. The muzzle on the cannon needs some darkening too. Your dwarven crew look great...I can picture them cursing their horrid luck as a Skaven horde over-runs them. /cry
    hehe, nicely done!

  2. Thanks. You might be right, I think with the next one I will pay more attention to the discolouration and such to improve it.

    And overrun by rats? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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