Sunday, 11 July 2010


Also, I won some funky loot today.  A contest over at diceRolla blog was giving away an entire chaos army.  For free.  Now that is quite the haul.  I did not win however, PapaJJ (the blog owner) has decided to give away a bunch of prizes to each of the eight entries.  So, what did I win?  Here..

Kuffeh - Are you still actively working on your Dwarves? If so I've got a few boxes of basic dudes that I'd like to send to you. It's one each of the Dwarf Warriors, Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers, and Dwarf Cannon/Organ Gun box sets. A few weeks ago I opened them for the first time in search of drinking mugs that I could use for my Stonecutters. Otherwise they are untouched as I didn't see anything helpful for that project. I've also got a new Gyrocopter that I'd like to include if you're interested.

How awesome is that?  So, when I get the chance to start painting once again these will be put to a great use.  :D  Now THAT was a give away and a half.


  1. Thanks so much for participating in my little contest, Kuffeh! I'm really happy with the way things have worked out as everyone seems to be pleased so far with their consolation prizes. I am very glad to be able to contribute to your Dwarf army and to help fill out their ranks for the new edition of Warhammer. I appreciate getting to contribute to your hobby fun and giving you more to look forward to you once you're painting again. Best wishes, buddy!

  2. That is very cool, congrats on the additions to your Dwarfs!

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing them painted.


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