Tuesday, 14 June 2011

[FANTASY] A Dwarfs Tale: Longbeard Progress

First batch of the Longbeard unit up...

OK, so been a while.  I have been doing a whole bunch of stuff; saw Derren Brown live and finally finished up Red Dead Redemption.  In that time I have started on the Longbeard unit.  Seven (below) are complete except for the shields, which I am unsure what to do for the icon on them.  And I think on the next batch I need to make the beards whiter, they just look blonde at the moment - it is a little bit lighter in person.  But overall I am quite happy with how they look, I have another 13 of them to go. 

I am as of yet sure how to go about my hammerers.  I do not think they will be done for the LO Meet, as the main methods are either; metal (or resin now) versions - expensive or plastics, which to me just do not look like hammerers without some decent GS work.  So, they might not make it but the rest of the army will be completed.  They will come later.


  1. Love them Kuffy, especially the beards, you really have a great method for painting them.

    Also RDR = awesome

  2. They're looking great.
    Any chance of some shots with better lighting? It's a bit dark around the face methinks.

    What are you using for the axe hafts? I've been using spearstaff, but it's very watery - and even covered in army painter to darken I'm not happy with it.

  3. Vinny - Thanks a lot, and I would hope I do! Been painting them for long enough now. :D

    It was a great game, need to go back to it to achievement hunt. I do love my achievements...

    redcraig - Thanks. I will try for better pictures on the next batch.

    The base tone for the hafts is bestial brown + vomit brown. Shaded with chaos black and burnt umber (VMC) for the wood grain and some denheb stone added to the base for highlights. Then washed with devlan mud.

  4. These are really great, you should put together a Youtube video to help people paint dwarves.


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